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Friday, March 16, 2007

In case you missed it, the Vols hoopsters advanced with a 121-86 pasting of “the Beach!” That’s right. 121. As in tied for the most ever in a first round game. How’s that for “one and done”?

Funniest line of the day from any college basketball analysis that mentioned the Vols: this gem from Bill Simmons’ Page 2 entry on ESPN.com.

Best porn names of the day: Tennessee forwards Duke Crews and Wayne Chism. "And Bruce Pearl isn't a bad porn director's name, either," House adds.

From Bruce Pearl Productions … Duke Crews and Wayne Chism in "The Possession Arrow."

Much laughter ensued in my office upon reading that.

Oh, and thanks goes to Memphis’ ESPN Radio 730 AM, who inexplicably does NOT block Vol Network broadcasts, thus allowing me to sneak outside early and often today to listen to Kesling and Company call what was a festival of scoring in Columbus.

If you’re a bettin’ man (or woman), I hope you took the over!

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