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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I’ve been following the latest blogstorm over at Knoxviews where there has been an apparent change recently where frequent conservative/libertarian posters have been banned from doing so. Since I don’t have a personal ax to grind in this melee, I have avoided it, as I respect Knoxviews as a progressive site where some, but not many, of my personal views are probably not welcomed. Most of the time, when I speak over there, I limit my commentary to MIS things, or sports, or something local, yet apolitical in nature.

However, from a reader’s perspective, I don’t much enjoy the limitations because I do enjoy the divergent points of view, and the new site policy changes that. Knoxviews will remain one of my primary sites for all things East Tennessee, but now it feels more like an echo chamber. That’s unfortunate.

I read the post-mortem at Uncle’s site, and I have to agree with what he said. People take this blogging thing too seriously. If it feels like a chore, you probably don’t want to be doing it, unless you’re getting paid for it, of course. Like Uncle, I blog for myself, not for others. I blog when the notion of doing so hits me. Blogging just to be blogging just doesn’t feel right. And linking just to take up space is a waste of my time too. And lately, I don’t blog much, mainly because it’s like way the hell off my radar screen in terms of priority.

Maybe it’s because I work on software, and networks, and manufacturing systems all day long that I loathe the keyboard when I get home. Often, my involvement with the ol’ PC stops with setting my fantasy baseball lineups. But, after reading Uncle’s treatise, I can say that I know from whence he speaks.

Anyway, like I said, I’m saddened in a weird way about the fragmentation of the Knoxviews community. It feels like a surreal estrangement between groups of people I’ve never met, but whose thoughts I’ve read for several years now. But, that’s the blogosphere for you. From now on, when I want to read Les, and Uncle, and Rich, and Knoxviews, I’ll use the magic of RSS aggregation instead. And hey, maybe I’ll even make it to one of those Rocky Top Brigade shindigs they keep talking about. If they don’t shoot each other first.


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