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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One more post about all of the gun rhetoric going on, and then I am done. A lot of well-intentioned people question the assertion from another group of well-intentioned people that allowing the students and faculty of Virginia Tech to carry and conceal firearms would have actually prevented deaths. The reasoning of course is that someone could have shot the perpetrator before he found more victims. I don't intend to argue that point in this post. I do, though, want to point out a recent shooting incident near my hometown. From the Wikipedia article about the Tyler, TX courthouse shooting:

"A local resident Mark Allen Wilson was returning to his nearby apartment when the shooting began. Wilson, who held a Texas concealed handgun permit, is believed to have responded to seeing Arroyo shoot his wife by drawing his own weapon, a Colt .45 caliber pistol and approaching. Arroyo was already engaged in a heated gun battle with sheriff's deputies and Tyler police officers and apparently did not see Wilson.

Wilson fired one round at Arroyo, causing him to stumble. A witness saw the round strike Arroyo and saw "white puffs of powder-like substance" come from Arroyo's clothing. This appeared to be the first time Arroyo was hit or injured during his attack on the courthouse. Wilson then took cover behind Arroyo's truck.

As Arroyo approached, Wilson stood up and fired again at Arroyo over the truck, hitting him; however, Arroyo was wearing a bulletproof vest, and Wilson's shots did not disable him. Arroyo turned and fired at least one shot at Wilson. He faltered and disappeared from view behind the truck, where Arroyo fired at him three times, killing him.


Mark Wilson has been widely credited with saving the lives, at the cost of his own, of law enforcement officers and citizens at the courthouse and surrounding area by injuring Arroyo and causing him to disengage from his attack and flee the area without murdering his son."

The point of my citation is this - a well-armed citizenry does, in fact, help mitigate situations where lives are in danger.


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