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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

About that New iPhone Thingie...

I've been somewhat of a Treo evangelist for quite sometime. I've also been a bit disenchanted with their latest offerings, and with the difficulties that arose from their latest maintenance release for ATT/Cingular. The word lately has been that the new Apple device, the iPhone, will be the final death knell for the Treo. I've been skeptical of this being the case, but, given my growing frustration with the Treo product, I figured I should at least check it out.

After handling an iPhone at my local Cingular retailer during lunch, I can see why it is so seductive to the target audience for which it is intended. Certainly, I hope that some of the iPhone's UI innovations find their way into the Palm products. I think the new Apple keyboard interface is interesting, while not intuitive for me, since I am sold on the Treo QWERTY keyboard (plus I can type 40 WPM on it on a good day). And for sure, I have been frustrated in the past with configuration issues, periodic crashes, etc. that have plagued the Treo.


I finally have a pretty stable device after some tweaking and some elimination of some third party apps that I didn't really need. And the things I do on a daily basis, the iPhone simply cannot do. Those things include:

  • Push email from a BES server
  • PDF viewing
  • Synchronization with Project, and Office apps
  • Open IM client
  • External keyboard
  • GPS connectivity
  • Ability to record calls
  • Ability to function as an external USB drive
  • Fax capability
  • VPN connectivity to enterprise networks
  • File manager capable of viewing hierarchical storage
  • Read e-books
  • Read several versions of the Bible
  • Play all major forms of audio files, incl. WMA
  • Play all major forms of video files, incl. DivX AVI
  • Remote access into Windows and VNC
  • Telnet access using SSH
  • View videos from Slingplayer
  • Online radio and video
  • Robust backups and restores from external SD card
  • OTA sync with bank accounts
  • Blogging and photo-blogging tools
  • Voice activated menus and phone dialing
  • CAD tools

  • You will notice that these things are both work-related enterprise apps and play-related multimedia apps. The beauty of the Treo, for me, is that it accomplishes both. I believe the iPhone is marketed to those that desire the latter. For those people, the iPhone is a godsend. For me, it is in need of a few more iterations before I will even consider a change.

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