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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This morning was spent squaring away everything in my office making sure our IT systems stay well-maintained in my absence.

This afternoon, the Mrs. has been packing and sorting and preparing the layette and the bassinet and everything else.

Tonight, I cuddled with my 3-year old and discussed an upcoming trip to Tennessee, just the two of us. And I assured him, again, that we live him dearly and that we always will, but that soon, he will have another sibling with whom to share his parents. He seemed okay, but I still detect some anxiety on his part.

Or maybe it's my own anxiety... I mean, three boys, all in diapers, all requiring the utmost attention. Yikes!

Anyway, in about 7 hours, we're off to the hospital to check in, prep, and get this show going. One more birth for our family, a final one, the last of three.

I can't wait.

.: posted by Dave 9:38 PM

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