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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A note to developers and vendors working in our corporate environment:
  1. No, we absolutely cannot host IIS on a shop floor DESKTOP device. There is a reason this device is placed in the shop environment, and servers are placed in the server room. If your software cannot accommodate connectivity to a physically separate internet server, and a logically separate SQL server, then quite frankly, the architecture of your software is poorly conceived. Please understand that these are corporate guidelines as well as personal ones. If you cannot abide by them, we cannot deploy your product.
  2. When we say that we cannot use your process ID on the server to write events to the event log, we mean it. We're not just "teasing you". Additionally, we are perplexed that you choose to write to the event logs when only the process ID and the admin user has access to them in the first place (e.g., no one will ever look at the logs). When we suggest writing any logs to a text file, scoffing is not acceptable. We take our jobs seriously. You should too.
  3. We cannot give you our wireless encryption key without first waterboarding you.
  4. No, we cannot connect your Windows Smartphone to our Blackberry Enterprise Server. We will someday be using Windows devices on Exchange, but since BES is what we are stuck with, you will need to obtain a Blackberry-compatible device. One of the values of MIS in the corporation is its capacity to advise the end user. In this case, asking us a few questions would have alleviated any embarrassment you might experience when you return to your wireless provider and explain that you really intended to buy a Blackberry. Oops.
  5. There is no acceptable reason for requesting an FTP server to be installed in the corporate data center, and then expecting it to be outward facing, with RWCD privileges. Even in the most basic, least secure environments, this is unacceptable. Please use better judgment in the future when planning enterprise-level data connectivity. And try to go away from the flat files if you can. RDBMS have been around for years now. Make use of them.

Thank you, and good day.


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