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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Beef with SQL Server:

So I'm trying to move a backup to an existing SQL Server from another database on the same instance today, and I keep getting an error saying that the files don't match, despite the fact that I've since deleted the original MDF and LDF files. Why this happens, I'm still unclear. I even deleted the original database container from Enterprise Manager.

It turns out that the path to the new MDF and LDF files was wrong. I changed it, recreated the original database, and I still inexplicably got an error saying that there was a user currently using the database that no longer exists. So... I went to Restore Database, and of course, in the dropdown, the database doesn't exist since I deleted it. Turns out that you need to type in the new database (well, not really new, but it is since I have deleted it. Twice.), select Force Restore Over Old Database (despite the fact that there no longer exists an Old Database), and click OK.

Voila. We have database with tables, views, stored procs, etc. intact.

This is all well, and good, but it's so non-intuitive. I think I will go back to T-SQL to do my restores. At least it makes more sense.


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