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Friday, December 28, 2007

Buy American, You Insensitive Clod!

Today was spent with my oldest son, Ethan, doing some shopping and such. After we had a chocolate malt, I stopped at a local grocer to buy butter for my wife. When I was getting out of the truck, I was approached by an elderly gentleman who began the following exchange:

Man: Excuse me, son, I see you are driving one of those foreign trucks. I'd like to ask you to buy American next time you buy a truck.

Me: Yeah? Why is that?

Man: We're losing $19bn per year because of those Japanese car makers...

Me: What about the assembly plants here in Texas?

Man: Those parts are assembled here, but made overseas!

Me: What about the global economy? Jobs that can be done cheaper overseas should probably be done there, right?

Man: I've been studying this for twenty years, and I warned that this would happen, and people like you just won't listen.

Me: But I did listen, by buying a Toyota that will last years longer than a (looking at the man's truck)... a GMC.

Man: Grumble.

Ethan seemed oblivious to the whole conversation, which was fine with me. I didn't want to belabor the point, so while the man fumed, I walked into the store, and bought my American-made butter from my American cashier.

There's not really a point to all this except to say that, well... when I go to the grocer, I'm probably not in the mood for political prosetylization. I just wanted some butter. And a little time with my son. So if you happen to want to sell me on the merits of "buying American", please don't do it in a grocery store parking lot.

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