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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I haven't felt like posting much to the blog lately, but I have been diligently responding to the Dallas Morning News' decision to name the 'illegal immigrant' as the Texan of the Year. See the editorial board's blog post here, here, and here, including some rather angry reader reaction. My own take is also included in the comments.

Basically, I disagree with the editorial staff's choice because a) an illegal immigrant is not a Texan, no matter how you parse it, and b) the DMN board changed their criteria for selecting the TOY midway through the process. It is my feeling and that of many others that no candidate existed that fit their editorial agenda, so they 'moved the goalposts'. Bottom line: the 'illegal immigrant' is definitely a candidate for story of the year in Texas, but the choice of such a nebulous group as TOY is misguided and nonsensical.

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