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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

There is evil in this world. Pure evil.

We see images of it on TV, hear about it on our radios, every day. We've become somewhat desensitized to it, too. A murder on a street corner in town. A wife beaten to death in Anytown, USA. "Sad, but it happens," we say. And then we move on.

This week, three particular stories have captivated me. These aren't people I know. I had no emotional interest in them. But reading each one affected me.

First, we have a college basketball coach with a beautiful son. He marries a woman who seems to be his dream wife, but it falls apart. She refuses to let go of the marriage, and in the meantime becomes more unstable. Ultimately, she exacts her revenge on her estranged husband by killing herself, and the son they shared.

Second, another relationship soured along the way. More revenge by an evil man as he decides to throw four children into the bayou from a height of 80 feet.

Third, here in Smith County, where I live, a vivacious, stunning young lady was murdered by her boyfriend, and then partially eaten. Yes, that's what I said. Eaten.

As I said, we're desensitized. We all too often move on, and accept that bad things happen. But things like this make me stop and think twice.

Say a prayer for the innocent families that were affected by these events. And say another prayer for the moral relativists out there. Anyone who says evil doesn't exist need only read these three stories to know otherwise.


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