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Monday, February 04, 2008

Giants 17, Patriots 14.

The greatest team to not finish the deal. The "other" Manning wins one for the Big Apple. Lots of stories will be written, lots of reflection. The ever anal Yankees will adore Eli, at least for one season. And the Beantowners, well, let's just say Bucky Dent takes a back seat right now to the sack that should've happened, but didn't... the catch by a reserve receiver that had barely left a mark on the stat sheet all season long. Pats' fans, that's Manning to Tyree for 32 yards, and a first down. Let it sink in for awhile longer.

And through it all, we got to see Super Belicheck show his true colors, racing off the field, not bothering to endure the actual close of the game. Typically, his postgame rhetorts were sanguine, and downright terse. I can imagine this man tipping his pizza guy 50 cents because he got there in just under 31 minutes. How people play for this guy is beyond me.

But I digress...

Through it all, let this be a lesson to NFL teams from coast to coast. Offense is glitzy, and gets headlines, but defense wins championships. A cliche, perhaps, but ever appropriate tonight. And maybe, just maybe, some humility will settle in the next time this team decides to run up the score on an inferior opponent just to settle a vendetta. Karma, and all that.

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