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Monday, August 04, 2008

Skip Caray: One of a Kind

Braves' broadcaster Skip Caray has died. I read the news about his passing on the AJC website this morning and was struck by memories of my childhood, listening to the Braves.

I became a Braves' fan in the 70s, when players like Phil Niekro and Dale Murphy dominated the Atlanta headlines. The south thirsted for a professional team back then for which to cheer. Most of my friends adopted the Big Red Machine, but I long preferred the Braves' broadcasts.

I will always remember listening to Pete Van Wieren, Ernie Johnson and Skip Caray calling the games. Lots of folks I knew didn't much like Skip's broadcasts, but I will long remember his dry wit, especially his call-in show where he often struggled to find patience with his callers. Known for his struggles with alcohol, I always found the line amusing when he commented "the bases are loaded, and I wish I was too."

When he and Van Wieren were no longer the Braves' national broadcasters a few years ago, I was a bit sad. Today, I'm a bit sadder, as another part of my childhood, the voice of Skip Caray, is silent.

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