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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My company, like many, has been trending towards moving much of its unskilled labor south of the border. In an American economic environment often hostile to the interests of business, this often makes sense. However, there are some concerns that corporations might want to consider:

"Now, drug-gang violence, until recently confined to Ciudad Juárez and other cities far to the west, is startlingly close by. Last month, some 30 gunmen stormed two hotels in Monterrey and kidnapped six people, in a shock for the city. The 130-mile highway from Monterrey to the border has seen a number of incidents, including a recent shoot-out between armed men and the Mexican military."

The hotel that was stormed is frequented by our staff when we are sent to Monterey. Monterey is where most of the work from here is being sent. Furthermore, that work cannot go there without our technical resources travelling there to educate the staff and mangement. If Monterey and Mexico cannot guarantee the safety of our people there, and if the drug violence continues to escalate, I would hope the decision makers would see fit to rethink these changes. Otherwise, the price that will be paid could be greater than a few hundred lost jobs.

.: posted by Dave 9:56 AM

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