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Friday, June 27, 2003

Of baby names:

Well, we have finally come up with names for our first child. It's about time, huh? It shouldn't take weeks to name a child, but... I guess I am a perfectionist. We have a current family of four: Wife, Dog, Cat, Husband (read: Ami, Buddy, Calin, and Dave). As you can see, and knowing my penchant for analysis of patterns, we just had to name our child an E name. I mean... it's the pattern, right?!

So, we searched and searched, and reasoned, and opined... and here's what we came up with:

  • Boy: If it's a boy, we will name him Ethan Joshua. Ethan and Joshua are both well-liked Biblical names. This was a combination which came to me through epiphany... well, I was in the shower, and thought of Ethan Allen furniture. I have some strange epiphanies.

  • Girl: If it's a girl, we will name her Emily Ruth. Emily just seems to fit. Ruth is Biblical, too, and is the middle name of someone in my wife's family (I forget who). Ami devised this naming scheme. I don't know if she was showering or not when it came to pass.

  • So... there you have it. These are our baby names, at long last!


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