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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Homecoming for Dylan

This post from Ami, who is caring for our boys while I attend to my grandmother's funeral:

So far it's gone very, very well. He is trying to learn to nurse, and when he gets tired and frustrated, we switch to the bottle for the remainder of the feeding. I'm just happy that he's willing to try. I have no great expectations - we are taking it feeding by feeding. I'm definitely in uncharted waters with this, having never had to teach a baby to nurse after they've already been taking bottles, but I'm determined not to take it too seriously. I'd much rather just have us both do the best we can do, and enjoy every minute that I can instead of stressing over things that can't be helped.

Aidan is supremely indifferent to this new arrival, but Ethan absolutely adores him. He would sit on the couch and pet Dylan on the head for hours at a time if we'd let him. And when Ethan pets him, Dylan opens his eyes and smiles, which he never does when I rub his head. Earlier today Ethan was so filled to the brim with love for Dylan, it sloshed over and made him jump off the couch and give Aidan a hug and declare his love for Aidan himself - the very same Aidan who just that morning was sneaking all his favorite toys.

Dylan is (so far - knock wood) a very quiet baby, content to lay peacefully and take his new surroundings in through wide eyes. He cries when he's hungry, and that's about it. When he wakes at night, he doesn't just eat and go back to sleep like the other two used to - he likes to stay up and look around, and I suppose as long as he's not crying and upset that he's not sleeping, I'm OK with that (for now. Ask me again after a few more nights!).

When he sleeps, he sleeps hard. I'm sure it's heaven to him to be able to sleep as long as you want and not have someone come and poke and prod you awake for tests and such.

I'm happy that he's home. It couldn't possibly go better than it is. We're all adjusting well, and that's all I can ask.

Me: Despite my grieving, I must admit that I am heartened that my family is doing so well. Thank you, Lord, for bringing my son home safely.

.: posted by Dave 5:09 PM

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