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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Horrible Irony:

We arrived at the hospital tonight to see Dylan, and we were enlightened to see that he was now only on small concentrations of oxygen, and a feeding tube. Tomorrow, both of those should be gone. I think tonight was the moment that I realized that our child was surely on the road to recovery, and he would be with us soon.

It was about this exact time of day though that my biggest fear was realized. At just after 6 pm CT, my grandmother took her last breath, and passed away peacefully. She was 82 years old.

This week has been one of huge ups and downs, a roller coaster that I would not wish for anyone. I feel my attention being drawn to almost every loved one that I have. Sometimes, I wonder if my tank is going to empty. I have to keep praying that God will sustain me so that I can sustain others.

I am buoyed by the fact that my little one will be home soon, and yet I am devastated knowing that my Granny won't be there to field my lunch hour phone calls. How can one be both happy and sad? That is how I feel right now.

Truly, God answers prayer. But sometimes, He doesn't give you the answer that you want. In this case, I got one out of two. Right now, it just doesn't feel like it is enough.

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