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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's funny how you never realize immediately how much a person influences your life. I've spent a lot of time tonight just looking around, absorbing my surroundings, and relating times, events, and things to my grandmother. I have just noticed how many items in my home remind me of her.

A copy of Readers' Digest, which my Granny read often. The wooden rocking chair in which I sit while I type this blogpost. My dog, Buddy, who was never fed as well as he was by Granny. Socks - yes, socks. My Granny's favorite Christmas gift for me. Pictures of my kids, which Granny adored. I'm thankful her room was graced with those pictures during the final weeks of her life. Even my beautiful wife... Granny adored her. She was so proud of me for finding the right woman, finally.

Funny, my Granny only visited Texas one time. Yet, to me, she lives in everything I see. I only wish I could talk to her about what I am thinking.

I really miss her.

.: posted by Dave 11:42 PM

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