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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Raining, Pouring, etc.

Sometimes life has a way of feeling pretty overwhelming. This is one of those times, with the condition of my newborn son being the primary reason. But, today, that feeling got a little worse.

My grandma, whom we all call Granny, is 82 years old. She has been recovering from a leg injury in a nursing home. However, the recovery hasn't been stellar. She still cannot walk on it, and the pain has been torturous. Her pain medication has nauseated her to the point that no food will stay down. Furthermore, she isn't drinking much. Her kidneys and bladder are already in bad shape.

Recently, she hasn't been very lucid. She's in need of more care than she's apparently getting. Today she was barely cognizant. Hours ago, my mom called to tell me that she's being taken to the hospital, likely into the ICU, and if it's the same condition as last time this happened almost 2 years ago, it will be because of sepsis and kidney failure.

I have no details except for the similarities between the incidents. I know she's elderly, and society often treats the elderly as an afterthought, but this lady is no afterthought to me. She, along with my mom and great-grandma, raised me. She is one of the triumverate of parents that I had.

I've spoken in my prayers that I'm not ready for her to go anywhere yet. I don't think she's ready either. And I have a third great-grandson that she needs to see before she calls it a day. I fully intend for that to happen.

So, among everything else, if those of you who happen to be reading are prayerful people, keep her in your prayers along with my baby boy. And may I be successful in this test of faith.

.: posted by Dave 9:13 PM

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