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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sadness on the Other Front:

Mom called this morning to tell me that my grandmother will likely not make it through the night. She mentioned something about a "death rattle" and that Granny's fever had escalated. She's medicated and not feeling any pain.

The doctor says that she can hear her surroundings. That makes it even more difficult for me, as I wish I were there to tell her that I want her to recover and that we're not ready for her to go. I just wish she had one chance to see her third great-grandchild, to hold him. The smile she had when she first held Ethan was amazing. I miss that already.

I'm hoping for a miracle, and she's a stubborn old "womern", as she would say. But it doesn't look like one is forthcoming.

.: posted by Dave 1:03 PM

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