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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today, Ami got to change Dylan's diaper, and she took his temperature. These things we've always taken for granted with the other kids. Amazing how this incident puts things into perspective.

And tonight, I realized how this is affecting our other kids. Ethan was very hard pressed to let me go when I put him to bed. One question became 20. He was persistent but finally relented. And Aidan, Mama's boy... he just refused to nap today since Mommy was gone. Apparently, he even chanted her name - "Mah Mah" - sadly in her absence.

Critical sickness affects everyone. I just hadn't grasped exactly how much. Tomorrow morning, I'm going to hug my babies like crazy.

For now though, I'm calling it a day. And before I go to sleep, I pray that my granny somehow finds a way to find the road to recovery. I believe in miracles. I'm holding out for one.

Good night.

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